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Digital Marketing

Our Office is the Internet

Lone Gun Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses and solopreneurs get major traffic and leads by utilizing the latest Web tech and Search Engine Optimization techniques. Whether it's a new site, optimizing an existing site or providing you with ways to better manage your business, we want to help you build something great. We have intentionally kept our own organization, small, nimble and lean. We don't measure our success based on the number of clients we have, but on the ROI we provide them.

Our Office is the Internet

We try and bring together the best people in a given skillset no matter where they live. Our office is the Internet. All of our meetings are virtual, but we do provide face to face meetings for clients on their turf if they feel it's necessary. This allows us to provide a level of service that not even the big agencies with their fishbowl conference rooms can match, while keeping costs affordable for small businesses. 

Internet Marketing

​Personalized Service

Our Actual Yet Virtual Office

We do have a mailing address, just in case you want to mail us something. There's not much room for furniture in there, so we don't conduct meetings on site. But there is a nice restaurant right up the street if you want to discuss your plans over lunch.

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